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Ubuntu 20.04
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[root@localhost ~]# ifconfig
ens192: flags=4163<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST> ...
inet  netmask  ...
inet6 fe80::73d8:c756:27d7:5bfb  prefixlen 64 ...
ether 11:0c:29:3b:9c:ae  txqueuelen 1000 ...
[root@localhost ~]# sendMail
[root@localhost ~]# 
pm2 save --force
pm2 save
pm2 delete all
pm2 list

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Task Management
2 tasks is in progress
${ }
Remaining 43s
${ task.finishedSize } / 100Mb
${ task.speed }
Task Details:
Task Name
${ sessionInProgressList[0].name }
Start time
2023-08-01 12:32:53
Task time
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Local path
Number of files
327 / 583
Sub transfer item:
${ }
${ item.percent }
Rich bookmark management
Support personal/team bookmark synchronization, support import and export bookmarks, bookmark tree, session personality icon, session quick connection and other functions Multi-platform support Run on Windows / MacOS / Linux platforms Tree structure Efficient tree bookmark structure, multi-level folders for easy management Local bookmark Only stored on the device, does not participate in cloud synchronization Personal cloud bookmark Quick sync between multiple devices Team Cloud Bookmark Share bookmarks among team members Import and export Import bookmarks from OpenSFTP / Xshell / Xftp / FinalShell / Transmit and other software Session Quick Connect Match from saved bookmarks, or quickly create a session Mini Bookmark Support Mini bookmark bar, simple and efficient
Session workspace
Includes tree-shaped local/remote file directories, personalized SSH terminal, server CPU/memory/disk/network resource monitoring File system Simple and efficient, as easy to use as using the system resource manager Online editing Support using custom editor to edit remote files online Tree structure Tree file structure, convenient file management Compression and decompression Supports compressing and decompressing .zip / .tar / .tgz files Quick Preview Support pressing space bar for quick preview in MacOS Most visited and quick access Record and list recently accessed paths, local file system supports quick access File filter Quickly filter files in the current directory Remote file permission editing Right-click properties to quickly view and edit remote file permissions Resource Monitoring Real-time display of CPU/memory/disk/network load
File transfer system
Supports dragging, uploading and downloading of files and directories, and each session has an independent task center Drag to upload and download Can drag to transfer between OpenSFTP file system or system explorer Transfer folder Support folder transfer in recursive task mode Multiple tasks in parallel Support creating multiple upload/download tasks at the same time Task progress Real-time display of task transfer progress, speed, remaining time estimation and sub-file transfer progress Transmission history Manageable historical transmission tasks Quick access Support to quickly open or access the directory where the transferred file is located from the task center Parallel transmission of sub-files Supports the configuration of the number of parallel transfers of sub-files to speed up the upload and download of folders
SSH terminal
Support personalized theme / background / text and other configurations, support special content highlighting, support focus mode Topic switching Change theme with one click Personalized appearance customization Personalized background/text/cursor/selected styles, support translucent background Special content highlighting Customized highlighting of IPv4 / IPv6 / Mac / mailbox, etc. Shortcut command Based on history records, combined with the shortcut command function of personal/team global commands Focus Mode Display the current terminal session in full screen, hide irrelevant information, support frosted glass effect Terminal Split Split the terminal in two Rich details Select automatic copy, double-click alt to switch focus, search/translate selected content and other detailed functions AI Assistant Connect to the GPT interface and talk to the AI assistant to quickly solve the problem
Multi-platform support
Support MacOS / Windows / Linux, no matter which operating system you use, you can easily use it for file transfer and terminal operations
Excellent appearance
A simple and beautiful interface is very important. OpenSFTP supports theme switching, dark mode, frosted glass effect and custom terminal, bringing you a pleasant experience
Data synchronization
Bookmarks can be synchronized across multiple devices by creating a new session under Personal Cloud Bookmarks or moving an existing local session to Personal Cloud Bookmarks
Create or join a team, and members in the team can share team bookmarks and team shortcut commands, saving communication costs and improving work efficiency
Efficient workspace
The session workspace integrates file system, file transfer, SSH terminal, shortcut commands, resource monitoring and other functions. You can use it to easily manage remote servers
Flexible configuration
Module functions and styles such as theme appearance, session connection, resource monitoring, terminal color, and file transfer can be flexibly configured to meet the needs of various scenarios
Personal Free version
Basic functions
Applicable to individuals OpenSFTP basic core functions Some advanced functions are limited Free 14 days of professional version use 20 personal cloud bookmarks Create/join up to 3 free teams 20 free AI questions and answers
Personal Pro Edition
Unlock all features
In-app purchase In-app purchase
Applicable to individuals Unlock all OpenSFTP features Unlimited number of personal cloud bookmarks Create/join an unlimited number of free teams 100 free AI questions and answers Exclusive user group More follow-up functions...
Team Edition
In-app purchase
Applies to teams Members unlock all OpenSFTP features Unlimited number of team cloud bookmarks Professional service guarantee More follow-up functions...
Enterprise Edition
Privatization deployment
Applicable to enterprises All OpenSFTP features Enterprise Intranet Deployment Support customized services Unlimited number of team members Professional Service Guarantee Provide continuous update service